About Us

Tareen Education Foundation (TEF) is a nonprofit organisation with a mandate to improve quality of education in Pakistan; primarily operating in the rural areas of Southern Punjab .

Our core set of values for which we strive & struggle to acheive through hardwork & commitment.

Our team comprises of highly motivated and dedicated professionals who share our core values and vision.

A visionary leadership is at the core of every successful venture, and our mentorship is in safe hands.

Tareen Education Foundation (TEF) is a nonprofit organization established under The Societies Registration Act of 1860 with a mandate to improve quality of education in Pakistan. Its special focus is provision of education to marginalized communities, such as the rural poor and women, who are so often ignored from development interventions by the public sector or by international aid agencies. TEF feels that it has the responsibility and the capacity to help these communities educate themselves and become productive and active citizens of Pakistan.

TEF operations are largely supported by generous contributions from Mr. Jahangir Khan Tareen and business enterprises that he controls.

Core Activities in Adopted Schools
  • Improved Infrastructure
  • Additional Teachers
  • Teachers' Training
  • Supplementary Reading Material
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Books in Local Languages
  • Basic Healthcare Facilities
  • Provision of Non-teaching Staff

Where we’re headed

Cumulating strong partnerships with key stakeholders of educational sector, TEF has now the ability to grow and make reform that will have everlasting impact on the development of the society. From adopting schools to building core schools like Amna Girls High School, we plan expansion to other parts of the country as well.


The first stage of our development is to provide the students with bare minimum infrastructure in all schools.


Once the infrastructure is ready, our next step is to maintain and govern a sustainable system.


We beleive in promoting critical thinking and improving the stagnant curriculum.