Activities At Tef

TEF and Bookgroup (BG) are committed to the cause of providing quality education to children from marginalised communities in Pakistan. Together, they are providing the following services in adopted schools

  • Improved Management

    TEF is helping adopted schools better manage the available human, physical and financial resources. The support includes developing systems, M&E frameworks, establishing feedback protocols, capacity building and providing administrative resources. In addition, TEF staff regularly visits each school, maintains a close liaison with local communities and school staff to ensure that various stakeholders are actively engaged in education delivery.

  • Improving Physical Infrastructure in Adopted Schools

    Based on a comprehensive survey of physical infrastructure carried out in Nov – Dec 2010, TEF is providing extra school rooms, offices for principal and staff, laboratories, computer rooms, art/activity rooms, facilities for indoor and outdoor sports, boundary walls and toilets on need basis. TEF is also undertaking repair and maintenance of buildings of adopted schools. TEF believes that good physical infrastructure in government schools will enable provision of quality education.

  • Providing Additional Teachers

    In many schools, there exists a clear mismatch between the number of teachers and the number of students. This is primarily because rationalization of teaching posts has not been carried out by the Education Department for quite some time and because many sanctioned posts are lying vacant. Consequently, in many cases there are far too many students in the schools for the existing staff to teach. To rectify the situation, TEF provides extra teachers (mostly female) from the local communities.

  • Provision of Supplementary Reading Material

    As per government instructions, books published by the Punjab Textbook Board are taught in adopted schools. However, a number of Urdu (mainly from Bookgroup), English (mainly from Oxford University Press) and Math (mainly Heinemann Math) titles are provided to students as supplementary reading material. TEF provides these books to students and teachers’ guides to teachers at its own expense. Regular teachers’ training is conducted for use of such supplementary material.

  • Co-curricular Activities

    We believe that co-curricular activities are an important strategy for curriculum delivery. Hence, we use sports, arts activities (e.g. pottery, painting), tree plantation, newsletter, exposure visits, guest speakers, etc. as key components of its educational program. Landscaping is already underway in schools and children planted more than 5,000 trees as part of the spring tree plantation in 2011.

  • Developing/Translating Books in Local Languages

    TEF believes that education is best delivered in local languages. Therefore, it has launched a program of translating selected titles from Urdu and English into Siraiki (69.1% people in Lodhran speak Siraiki at home).