Core Values

Tareen Education Foundation (TEF ) is a nonprofit organisation with a mandate to improve quality of education in Pakistan; primarily operating in the rural areas of Southern Punjab.

  • Professionalism

    We believe that anything that is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

  • Transparency

    If we cannot disclose something publicly, we wouldn’t do it.

  • Environment Friendliness

    We seek to live in harmony with our natural environment.

  • Objectivity

    We don’t let our personal biases and pre-conceived notions influence our analyses.

  • Secularism

    We preserve a secular code of conduct representing no religious views or preferences.

  • Accountability to Stakeholders

    We feel ourselves accountable to internal and external stakeholders in resource utilization, in program design and implementation and in management decisions.

  • Financial Propriety

    We adhere to very high standards of financial propriety in financial management.

  • Non-discrimination on the Basis of Gender, Race, Religion, Caste or Creed

    We do not allow our governance, program delivery and financial management decisions to be influenced by considerations of race, gender, religion, caste or creed in any manner whatsoever.

  • Equal Opportunity Employment

    We believe in selecting the best people for our team based solely on merit, competition and required skills and excellence.

  • Punctuality

    We work in realistic timeframes and strive to stick to them in so far as possible.

  • Empathy

    Our capacity to put ourselves in the shoes of our partners, clients and beneficiaries helps us design more cost-effective and efficient programs with larger impact.

  • Frugality

    We believe that all resources are valuable and that their wasteful use should be discouraged.