TEF adopted 85 government schools in six Union Councils of district Lodhran through a Memorandum of Understanding with the District Government Lodhran in October 2010. An initial baseline survey was conducted to collect data on the available infrastructure and human resource. The survey showed that the adopted schools needed massive investment before they could provide the kind of environment that was required to provide quality education to children. This included investment in human resource and management systems.

TEF entered into partnership with Bookgroup – a reputed Karachi-based NGO – to develop and implement a holistic package of interventions for the adopted schools. The intervention package comprises the following:

  • Improvement in physical infrastructure
  • Provision of additional teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Translation of books into local languages
  • Provision of teaching and learning resources
  • Teachers’ training programmes
  • Introduction of supplementary reading material
  • Introduction of IT and various vocational courses as part of curriculum
  • Co-curricular, activities such as sports and exposure visits